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Cool Math Games 66

cool math games 66

 - Learning Math Made Fun!

Cool Math Games 66 is an enjoyable and educational game that can be played by two people. It is part of Coolmath, a popular website and app that helps kids learn math, science, and English. Designed for elementary and middle school students, Coolmath offers two categories of games: "M games" such as Math Facts and "C games" like Colors. These games can be played on both computers and mobile devices, making learning on-the-go accessible and entertaining.

The Fun Math Adventure - How to Play

In Cool Math Games 66, players use a board with numbers and letters. The objective is to find the number that corresponds to a certain letter or symbol to score points. Before the game begins, players choose their colors: red or blue. Choosing red gives three numbers on each side (1-10), while blue offers only one number on each side (1-9).

An important tip to remember is that the question number is always one less than the number of answers received. If you agree with someone, your score decreases by one point, and they receive an extra point. This aspect can be advantageous, especially when seeking feedback on math problem-solving skills. Seeking guidance from someone knowledgeable in the topic can be beneficial, just like how my mom tutors me in algebra. She always encourages me to ask for help if needed!

Three Sets of Questions

Cool Math Games 66 includes three sets of questions tailored to different age groups:

1.       For kids aged 6-14.

2.       For kids aged 6-10.

3.       For kids aged 6-13.

Challenging Gameplay

One of the exciting aspects of the game is that you won't know the answers in advance. However, you'll realize when you encounter a correct answer due to previous math problems solved correctly. For instance, if there are 6 apples in a basket and you need to add more to reach 100, the answer is 10 apples because 10 plus 1 equals 11!

Cool Math Games in the Past

In 1997, Cool Math Games 66 was a video game released for the Nintendo 64 and developed by Rare. It came in two versions: North America and Europe (including Japan).

Games Removed from Cool Math

While Cool Math offers an array of fun games, there are some that were removed during updates:

1.       Pokemon Go: This popular game was banned due to safety concerns, as players could catch Pok√©mon in inappropriate locations like hospitals and schools.

2.       Candy Crush Saga: The creators of this game were fined for including advertisements within the game, which violated FTC guidelines. They removed ads from later versions, but it caused issues with previous buyers.

The Reason Behind Cool Math Games 66 Shutdown

Cool Math Games, the company responsible for creating engaging math games for kids and adults, shut down due to financial reasons. It was founded in 2016 and remained active for about two years. The increasing costs of running a business and the rising popularity of the platform were among the contributing factors.

The Scary Game - A Fun Learning Experience

The Scary Game in Cool Math is not actually scary but incredibly interesting. It's an enjoyable way for kids to learn about numbers while having fun with friends and family. The game teaches various counting methods, making it an excellent tool for helping children understand numbers effectively.

Age Range for Cool Math

Cool Math Games 66 caters to kids between the ages of 6 and 12. The program is designed to challenge them intellectually without causing frustration. It offers a wide range of lessons covering math, science, reading comprehension, and writing. Each lesson is engaging and includes multiple activities to enhance learning.

Age Restrictions for M Games

While 12-year-olds can play M games on Cool Math, the scary ones are off-limits for them, as they might find them too frightening.

Coolmath - A Safe and Fun Learning Platform

Coolmath provides a secure environment for learning math. It utilizes educational games to teach kids basic arithmetic and algebraic operations effectively. Moreover, it is not limited to children; adults can also use the platform to enhance their math skills and understanding.

Roblox on Cool Math Games

Roblox, a popular online multiplayer game, has been around since 2006. It allows players to create their virtual worlds using blocks and textures. Cool Math Games offers Roblox as one of its exciting games, attracting millions of players.


Cool Math Games 66 is a fantastic and secure platform for learning math in an entertaining way. It offers a variety of engaging games that challenge kids while keeping them entertained. Although Coolmath Games had to shut down due to financial reasons, its impact on helping children and adults learn math will be remembered. Remember to encourage your kids to play and learn through Cool Math Games while having fun!


1.      Can 12-year-olds play M games on Cool Math? Yes, they can play M games, except for the scary ones, which might be too intense for them.

2.      Is Coolmath safe for kids? Yes, Coolmath is a safe and fun platform that uses educational games to teach math effectively.

3.      Why did Cool Math Games 66 shut down? Cool Math Games shut down due to financial reasons and the increasing popularity of the platform.

4.      What are the age ranges for Cool Math Games? Cool Math Games 66 caters to kids aged 6 to 12.

5.      What is the Scary Game in Cool Math? The Scary Game in Cool Math is a fun and interesting way for kids to learn about numbers. It's not actually scary!



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