Rage Cage Drinking Game

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Rage Cage Drinking Game: How to Play and Rules

Rage Cage Drinking Game

Drinking games are all about having fun and enjoying time with friends. One drinking game that's not as well-known but is definitely worth trying is Rage Cage. It's a versatile and unique game that involves teamwork, racing elements, and strategy. If you're looking to add a new drinking game to your party, Rage Cage is a great choice as it offers a fair chance for everyone to enjoy.

What is the Rage Cage Drinking Game?

 The origins of Rage Cage are uncertain, but that doesn't really matter as long as you know how to play it. To start, you'll need plastic cups, ping pong balls, and plenty of beer. Although it can be played with just two people, it's more fun with a larger group of friends.

The game revolves around teamwork, but each player also wants to win for themselves. The goal is to bounce a ping pong ball into a cup and pass it clockwise to the next player. If you manage to bounce the ball into the cup before the other player, you stack your cup on top of theirs. The losing player drinks another cup of beer and starts building a new stack.

The game continues until all the cups are emptied and stacked. The winner is usually the player who drank the least amount of cups. However, some versions of Rage Cage focus on teamwork to empty all the cups instead of individual winners.

What You'll Need to Play:

To play the Rage Cage Drinking Game, you'll need plastic cups, ping pong balls, and beer. You can use other beverages, but beer is commonly used. The more players you have, the more cups you'll need. For a game with six players, 24 cups should be sufficient. Plastic cups are easy to find, and you can even order them online.

Rage Cage Drinking Game Rules and Gameplay:

The Aim of the Game: Rage Cage can be played in two ways - either as a team-based game or with individual winners. In the team-based setup, everyone wins when all the cups are emptied and stacked. But in the individual setup, the player who drinks the least amount of beer is the winner.

Setting Up:

Arrange the cups in a circle pattern, with each cup touching or close together. Fill each cup halfway with beer, except for

Rage Cage Drinking Game

the one in the center, which should be filled to the top. Form a row of players at the front of the table, and the two players in the middle start the game with a ping pong ball each.

Playing Rage Cage:

The front two players each take a cup from the outer circle, drink the beer, and try to bounce the ping pong ball into the cup they drank from. The first player to do this passes their cup to the next player. If a player bounces their ball first, they stack their cup on top of the other player's cup and pass the stack to the next player.

The losing player drinks another beer and tries to bounce their ball into a cup again. This continues until all the cups are drunk from and stacked. The center cup must be drunk from last. If a player successfully bounces their ball into the cup on the first try, they can pass their cup or stack to anyone on the table.

Winning Rage Cage:

In the team-based version, there's no individual winner; everyone wins when all the cups are emptied and stacked. However, in the competitive setup, the player (or players) who drank the least beer is the winner.

Time Attack Rage Cage:

For an extra challenge, you can play Time Attack Rage Cage. The rules are the same, but you'll be racing against the clock. You only have ten minutes to drink and stack all the cups, adding tension and excitement to the game.

Rage Cage is a hidden gem among drinking games, offering various ways to play while keeping the basic rules intact. It's a fun game to play on warm summer days or even at a bachelor party. So, gather your friends, grab some plastic cups and ping pong balls, and enjoy the thrill of the Rage Cage Drinking Game!






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