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College Brawl A Fun and Entertaining Android Game

college brawl game


Do you enjoy having fun on your Android device during your free time? If so, you'll love "College Brawl," an exciting game available for Android users. In this article, we'll explore what "College Brawl" is all about, its features, how to install it, and the captivating gameplay it offers. Let's dive in!

What is "College Brawl" for Android?

"College Brawl" is a game with an adult theme, much like "Milfy City" and "Gacha Art." The story revolves around a character named Ken, whose friend was attacked by the Red Cat gang. The gang stole his friend's belongings, and now it's up to you to defeat the girls in the game and retrieve the stolen items. Since "College Brawl" contains adult content, it is restricted to players aged 18 and above. The game features five levels, each with a boss that must be defeated. Let's take a closer look at the game's remarkable features.

Features of "College Brawl"

1. Simple Controls

The game boasts simple and smooth controls, making it easy for players to get the hang of the gameplay.

2. Graphics and Game Interface

"College Brawl" offers cool graphics and an intuitive interface. The game's environment is attractively designed, keeping players engaged and interested.

3. Unique Characters

The characters in "College Brawl" are carefully crafted, providing players with an enjoyable and fun experience. Different characters and girls are available, and the animations and visuals add excitement to the gameplay.

4. Multiple Arenas

With "College Brawl," players have access to multiple arenas to play in, ensuring the game remains engaging for an extended period.

How to Install "College Brawl" Apk

To install "College Brawl" on your Android device, follow these simple steps:

Enable Unknown Sources:

Since you'll be downloading a third-party application, ensure your device allows installation from unknown sources. To do this, go to your Settings App and find the "Unknown Sources" option, then enable it.

Download and Install "College Brawl" Apk:

Download the "College Brawl" Apk from a reliable source, and once the download is complete, go to your File Manager App and locate the downloaded file in the Downloads folder. Tap on the file to initiate the installation process.


The game begins with a conversation between Ken and his friend, where Ken learns about the attack and theft of his friend's belongings. Players control Ken and guide him in fighting against the girls. The game has two buttons on the left for moving Ken left and right, and six action buttons on the right.

These action buttons include:

·         Heal: To restore the character's health.

·         Punch: To attack enemies.

·         Jump: To make Ken jump.

·         H Scene: To engage in adult content with girls.

·         KI: For a special move.

·         Points: To collect points.

As Ken progresses through the game, he fights and defeats several girls, earning HP points to recover his health. Additionally, engaging in adult content with defeated girls boosts Ken's KI. At the end of each stage, Ken faces a boss. "College Brawl" comprises five stages and five bosses in total.

Stories in the Game

1. The Story of Ken

In this story, you'll play as Ken, a college student seeking to retrieve his friend's stolen belongings. Fight against the girls and their bosses across five stages.

2. The Story About Anko

Here, you assume the role of Anko, Ken's little sister. Your mission is to save your classmates from a gang's attack. Defeat enemies and bosses in three stages.

Key Features of "College Brawl"

·         The game is free to play.

·         No registration or subscription required.

·         Players can enjoy different card and slot games within the app.

·         The absence of third-party ads enhances the gaming experience.

·         Exciting adult content adds to the player's enjoyment.

·         The game boasts an easy-to-navigate interface.


"College Brawl" is an entertaining game that can add some excitement to your spare time. With its captivating graphics, engaging visuals, and smooth controls, you're in for a fun experience. Follow the installation instructions provided to ensure a safe download. Get ready to embark on an adventure filled with action and adult content!


Is "College Brawl" suitable for all ages?

No, "College Brawl" is an adult game meant for players aged 18 and above.

How many stages are there in "College Brawl"?

The game consists of five stages in total.

Can I install "College Brawl" from any source?

It is recommended to download "College Brawl" from a trusted and reliable source to ensure your device's safety.

What are HP points used for in the game?

HP points help recover the character's health after being beaten.

Are there multiple characters to choose from in the game?

Yes, "College Brawl" offers different characters and girls for players to enjoy.



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