Everything You Need To Know About Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail

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Everything You Need To Know About Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail

Everything You Need To Know About Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail

Final Fantasy XIV fans, get ready for a thrilling new adventure! Square Enix and developer Creative Business Unit III have announced the highly anticipated expansion for the beloved MMO, titled "Dawntrail." Revealed during the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2023, this expansion promises to be a fresh beginning for the game, bringing new stories, locations, and challenges for players to explore. Let's delve into all the exciting details of Dawntrail!

A New Beginning with Dawntrail

The keynote presentation at the Fan Festival introduced the expansion as a journey of discovery. After the conclusion of the previous expansion, "Endwalker," which had a dark and intense storyline, Dawntrail will offer a brighter and lighter tone. Director Naoki Yoshida expressed that it marks a new chapter for Final Fantasy XIV, allowing players to embark on a fresh adventure in the game's ever-evolving world.

The Storyline of Dawntrail

In Dawntrail, players will be introduced to a new location called Yok Tural, a tropical New World area west of Eorzea. The Warriors of Light will receive a special guest from this new world, seeking their aid in a rite of succession to determine Tural's next ruler. This quest will take them across the Indigo Deep, and rumors suggest that it may lead them to the fabled gates of a city of gold. The expansion will also present intriguing twists and divisions among the scions, adding depth and excitement to the gameplay.

Exploring Yok Tural

Yoshida shed light on some of the fascinating locations players will encounter in Yok Tural:

1. Yok Tural

Yok Tural is a tropical paradise where nature thrives alongside bustling cities. Unlike some other industrialized places in the game, this region prioritizes living in harmony with nature. Players will encounter new characters, allies, enemies, gear, and more during their explorations in this vibrant area.

2. Tuliyollal

Tuliyollal is the major city of the Dawntrail expansion, located in Yok Tural. It is the sea of the federal nation-state governing Tural and ruled by Gulool Ja Ja, a two-headed Mamool Ja. The contest to determine Gulool Ja Ja's successor adds an exciting layer to the story.

3. Urqopacha

Urqopacha is a mountainous region in Yok Tural, home to people of various sizes and backgrounds. Once the heart of the Giant's Empire, it now stands in ruins, waiting to be explored and unraveled by players.

4. Yak Tel

Yak Tel is a dense forest region of Yok Tural, accessible from Tuliyollal via dirigible flights. The region houses the primary settlements of Tural's Hrothgar and Mamool Ja and is known for its stunning cenotes harboring cerulean ponds and springs.

Exciting Additions to the Game

Dawntrail will bring numerous additions to enhance the gameplay experience:

  • The level cap will be increased from Level 90 to Level 100, allowing players to further develop their characters.
  • Two new jobs, one melee DPS job, and one ranged magical DPS job, will offer new playstyles and strategies.
  • Players can look forward to exploring new dungeons, each with unique challenges and rewards.
  • Crafters and gatherers will receive new gear and recipes, enhancing their capabilities and crafting options.
  • New Alliance, 8-Player, and Ultimate Raids will test players' teamwork and skills.
  • A new race, the Pelupelu, will join the adventure, offering a fresh character option for players.
  • The PvP system will continue to receive updates throughout Dawntrail's patches, ensuring engaging and competitive gameplay.
  • The beloved Hildibrand adventures will return with new and exciting stories.
  • Deep Dungeons will see new plans and content, providing thrilling challenges for brave adventurers.
  • The Gold Saucer will receive an update, offering more entertaining mini-games and activities for players to enjoy.
  • The addition of eyeglasses as equippable gear will allow players to further customize their characters' appearance.
  • A strategy board called the "Strategy Board" will be introduced to plan duties, raids, and other in-game activities effectively.

Graphical Updates

Creative Business Unit III is working on graphical updates that will enhance the visual appeal of Final Fantasy XIV. The team will focus on improving the overall aesthetic of the game, including shadows, materials, characters, and the UI. These updates will be rolled out in phases, with the aim of creating a visually stunning experience for players.


With the announcement of Dawntrail, Final Fantasy XIV fans have plenty to be excited about. The expansion promises a fresh start, new locations, challenging content, and a captivating storyline. As players prepare to embark on this new journey of discovery, the world of Final Fantasy XIV is set to become even more immersive and enchanting.

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Yok Tural and beyond, as the Warriors of Light once again rise to protect their realm and explore uncharted territories. So, mark your calendars for summer 2024, and join in on the excitement of Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail!


Q1: When will Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail be released? A1: Dawntrail is set to launch in summer 2024.

Q2: What are the new locations in the expansion? A2: The expansion introduces Yok Tural, Tuliyollal, Urqopacha, and Yak Tel as some of the new locations to explore.

Q3: How will the level cap increase impact gameplay? A3: The level cap will be raised from 90 to 100, allowing players to further develop and strengthen their characters.

Q4: Can you tell us more about the new race, Pelupelu? A4: The Pelupelu is a new race that will be introduced, offering players a fresh character option with unique traits and abilities.

Q5: When can we expect the graphical updates to be implemented? A5: The graphical updates will be rolled out in phases, and players can expect to see improvements in visual elements gradually, starting with the 7.0 Dawntrail expansion.

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