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The Metro Games in Chronological Order: A Postapocalyptic Masterpiece

metro games in order

The world of post-apocalyptic gaming has witnessed some of the most captivating narratives, but few have left as lasting an impact as the Metro game series. Based on Dmitry Glukhovsky's book series, these games transport players into the dark and eerie depths of the Moscow metro system, where humanity's remnants cling to survival amidst an unforgiving wasteland. In this article, we will embark on a journey through the Metro games, exploring their chronological order and highlighting the essence of each installment.

1. Metro 2033 (2010)

The odyssey begins with "Metro 2033," a first-person shooter survival horror game developed by 4A Games and published by THQ. Set in post-apocalyptic Moscow, the game revolves around Artyom, the protagonist, who was raised in the underground metro system. Above ground lies a world rendered uninhabitable by a nuclear war, leaving the surface and tunnels infested with mutants and hazards.

Artyom's journey takes him beyond the relative safety of his station as he searches for allies to combat the mutant threat. Amidst haunted tunnels, bandits, and the perils of a ravaged world, he faces a relentless fight for survival. "Metro 2033" combines standard first-person shooter elements with a heavy emphasis on resource management, making it a true test of wits and courage.

2. Metro: Last Light (2013)

The sequel to "Metro 2033," "Metro: Last Light," maintains the series' trademark unforgiving gameplay and challenging settings. Continuing the story, players once again step into Artyom's shoes, now a Ranger tasked with protecting his home station within the underground tunnels of Moscow.

"Metro: Last Light" retains the core gameplay of its predecessor while introducing various additions and tweaks. Among these is a comprehensive weapon customization system that allows players to modify sights, silencers, and magazine sizes, adding depth to the gameplay experience.

The game's "Chronicles Pack" DLC further enriches the lore of the Metro universe through optional missions, making it a beloved addition to the series. The commercial success of "Metro: Last Light" affirmed its position as a thrilling chapter in the postapocalyptic saga.

3. Metro: Redux (2014)

While not a new addition to the chronological order, "Metro: Redux" stands as a substantial remaster of both "Metro 2033" and "Metro: Last Light." This collection not only enhances the visuals but also improves combat, artificial intelligence, and game modes. An exciting addition is the new game mode available for both titles, the Ranger mode, which heightens the challenge and immersion by almost entirely removing the HUD display and limiting spare ammo.

"Metro: Redux" received acclaim for its stunning visuals and thoughtful improvements, creating a complete and immersive experience for both series veterans and newcomers alike.

4. Metro: Exodus (2019)

As the third installment in the series, "Metro: Exodus" represents a significant shift from the confined spaces of the previous games to a vast open-world-like universe. The game begins a year after the events of "Metro: Last Light" and finds Artyom aboard the locomotive Aurora, journeying to the far east of Russia with his allies.

In "Metro: Exodus," players traverse diverse locations in Moscow and desolated Russia, facing mutants, bandits, and destructive cults. The game's open-world design garnered praise for its breathtaking environments, captivating storytelling, and engaging gameplay.

Upon its release, "Metro: Exodus" received critical acclaim, with many considering it the best game in the series. Its compelling narrative and thrilling gameplay secured nominations for Game of the Year and Best Storytelling in 2019.

Do I Need to Play the Metro Games in Order?

The Metro games feature a linear storyline, making it highly recommended to experience the entire trilogy in chronological order for the fullest immersion and understanding of the Metro universe, especially for those unfamiliar with the books. However, each game is a complete chapter in itself, offering a unique storyline and experience. If you are short on time or prefer a standalone experience, "Metro: Exodus" is an excellent starting point, delivering an unforgettable gaming adventure.

Will There Be a Metro 4?

Speculations about a new Metro installment began circulating the Internet in mid-2019, and eventually, 4A Games confirmed that they were already working on the next Metro game. Set to release on Gen 9 consoles and PC, the upcoming title promises significant engine and renderer overhauls.

Additionally, 4A Games is exploring the addition of a multiplayer mode that fits seamlessly within the Metro universe. While details remain scarce, fans eagerly anticipate more information about the upcoming Metro game.


The Metro game series has etched its name in gaming history as a postapocalyptic masterpiece. From the eerie depths of the Moscow metro system to the expansive wastelands of desolated Russia, each installment offers an unforgettable adventure filled with survival, horror, and humanity's resilience.

As we eagerly await the next chapter in the series, whether you are a seasoned Metro enthusiast or a newcomer to the franchise, the immersive experience of the Metro games awaits you. So, grab your gas mask, load your weapons, and embark on an unforgettable journey through the hauntingly beautiful, post-apocalyptic world of the Metro games.


1.      Do I need to play the Metro games in order to understand the story fully? While playing the trilogy in order enhances the overall experience, each game offers a complete narrative that can be enjoyed as a standalone adventure.

2.      What makes Metro: Exodus stand out from the other games in the series? "Metro: Exodus" stands out due to its shift to an open-world setting, breathtaking visuals, and an engaging story that captivates players from start to finish.

3.      Will the upcoming Metro game have multiplayer features? Yes, 4A Games is working on a multiplayer mode that promises to offer an immersive experience that complements the Metro universe.

4.      Which game in the series is recommended for new players? "Metro: Exodus" is a great starting point for newcomers, offering a thrilling experience and a taste of the Metro universe's essence.

5.      When can we expect the release of the new Metro game? While there is no confirmed release date yet, we hope to receive more information about the new Metro game soon. Stay tuned for updates!




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