Studio Spotlight: D’Avekki Studios

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Studio Spotlight : D'Avekki Studios - A Journey into FMV Games

Studio Spotlight: D’Avekki Studios

It's always refreshing to try something new, and today, we're taking a detour from our usual indie game reviews. While we often focus on lesser-known game developers, we sometimes miss out on the hidden gems created by these studios. So, let's dive into the world of D'Avekki Studios, an independent game developer and publisher, and explore their impressive back catalog.

Introduction: A Hidden Treasure

It all began with "Murderous Muses," a game that left a lasting impression on me. The warm and welcoming atmosphere of D'Avekki Studios made me curious about their other works. Little did I know that I was about to discover a treasure trove of thrilling murder mystery games.

Unveiling the Minds behind D'Avekki Studios

D'Avekki Studios is the brainchild of Tim and Lynda Cowles, a husband and wife duo based in the United Kingdom. They are renowned for their FMV (full motion video) games, including titles like "The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker" and "The Shapeshifting Detective." In an exclusive interview, Tim shared his experience in the gaming industry, particularly within the FMV genre.

Diving into the World of Mystery

D'Avekki Studios has a penchant for mysteries, and it's evident from their diverse portfolio. With supernatural elements interwoven into their murder mysteries, the studio has carved a niche for itself in the FMV gaming world.

The Evolution of FMV Games

The FMV genre presents a wide spectrum of possibilities, ranging from comedic experiences to more serious narratives. D'Avekki Studios embraces this diversity and explores various ideas, including sci-fi settings, proving that they are not confined to a single genre.

The Unique Gameplay of "The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker"

"Doctor Dekker" introduced a keyword-driven gameplay style, offering an immersive experience to players. The game's innovative prompts and typing option provided a challenging yet rewarding conversational gameplay.

An Interconnected Trilogy

D'Avekki Studios has cleverly linked its games within a trilogy. The sequel, "The Shapeshifting Detective," allows players to interact with various characters, offering an interactive movie-like experience. The trilogy culminates with "Dark Nights with Poe and Munro," where players explore a thrilling narrative adventure.

Unraveling the Inspiration

The inspiration behind D'Avekki's games comes from multiple sources, including a roleplaying character and the love for 90s FMV games. This amalgamation of influences has resulted in unique storytelling and captivating gameplay.

Navigating the Competitive FMV Genre

Despite their success, D'Avekki Studios faces challenges in the increasingly competitive FMV market. The changing algorithms on platforms like Steam affect game visibility, making it challenging for indie studios like D'Avekki to gain attention.

The Casting Process: Finding the Perfect Fit

The studio's casting process involves reaching out to different networks, receiving over a thousand applicants for each role. While reusing actors is beneficial, discovering new talent adds depth to the characters and brings the roles to life.

Review: The Journey through FMV Adventures

Each of D'Avekki's games offers a unique and engaging experience for players. From playing psychiatrist in "Doctor Dekker" to becoming a shape-shifter in "The Shapeshifting Detective," the studio's offerings cater to various gaming preferences.

Conclusion: Embracing Mystery and Immersion

D'Avekki Studios has shown a remarkable ability to craft captivating FMV games, inviting players to explore thrilling narratives and challenging mysteries. As they continue their journey, gamers eagerly await their next creation.


Q1: Are D'Avekki Studios' games connected?

A1: Yes, their games are interconnected within a trilogy, offering a cohesive storytelling experience.

Q2: Will D'Avekki Studios explore other video game genres?

A2: While they have ideas for different genres, the studio's focus remains on supernatural murder mysteries.

Q3: What sets D'Avekki Studios apart from other FMV producers?

A3: The studio's unique storytelling and immersive gameplay distinguish them in the competitive FMV market.

Q4: How do D'Avekki Studios' games handle player choices?

A4: The games offer multiple choices and endings, encouraging replayability and personalized experiences.

Q5: What makes "The Shapeshifting Detective" special?

A5: Players can transform into different characters, adding a fascinating layer of complexity to the narrative.

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