Velkroy Desert

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FFXVI Hill to Die on Hunt Location: Where to Find the “Black Boulder” in the Velkroy Desert

Velkroy Desert

Final Fantasy 16 offers exciting side content, particularly the challenging Notorious Marks. These side quests allow players to hunt down formidable enemies and receive substantial experience points and rare crafting materials. Moreover, they provide an opportunity to gain Renown, a valuable currency traded at the Patron’s Whisper for specific items. As players progress through the game, more Notorious Marks become available. One of the early quests is the “Hill to Die On” Hunt, where the objective is to find a Black Boulder. This guide will assist you in locating the Black Boulder for the Hill to Die on Hunt in Final Fantasy 16.

Black Boulder Location for the Hill to Die on Hunt Quest in Final Fantasy 16

In Final Fantasy 16's Hill to Die On Hunt, the "Black Boulder" is referred to as Fastitocalon. To find Fastitocalon, head to the Velkroy Desert, Dhalmekia, specifically in the northeastern part of The Velkroy Desert. For swift travel, you can use the Velkroy Desert Obelisk as a starting point and then head northeast. To have a visual representation of Fastitocalon's location, refer to the image below, where my marker indicates the exact spot.

How to Defeat Fastitocalon in Final Fantasy 16

Fastitocalon, a Rank B Notorious Mark, presents a moderate challenge that requires a well-thought-out strategy. This turtle-like creature will shoot bubbles, which can be easily dodged by timing your evasive maneuvers correctly. As you lower Fastitocalon's HP to around half, the enemy will take to the air and summon water vortexes around the player. These vortexes are easily avoidable, but be cautious as the enemy may body slam onto the ground, dealing significant damage.

Upon defeating Fastitocalon, you will be handsomely rewarded with 20 Renown and 10,000 Gil. Additionally, you will obtain Scarletite, a rare crafting material that proves valuable in reinforcing specific armor and weapons. Should you wish to utilize your hard-earned Renown, you can do so at the Patron’s Whisper located to the left of the Hunt Board in the Hideaway.

Crafting with Scarletite

Scarletite, a coveted reward for defeating Fastitocalon, stands as one of the rarest crafting materials in Final Fantasy 16. By visiting the Blacksmith in the Hideaway, players can craft the legendary Drakeslayer's Belt and Drakeslayer's Bracelets using Scarletite. These armor pieces boast high defense stats, enabling players to withstand more damage. Both the Drakeslayer's Belt and Bracelets have a base armor rating of 74.

However, it's crucial to note that the crafting recipes for these armor pieces only become available after completing the Blacksmith Blues side quest.

Furthermore, Scarletite can be employed to craft the mighty Excalibur weapon, which boasts an astonishing base attack power of 268. The crafting recipe for Excalibur becomes accessible after completing Blacksmith Blue’s II quest.


Final Fantasy 16's "Hill to Die On" Hunt presents an exciting challenge in the form of Fastitocalon, the Black Boulder. By mastering the battle strategy, players can emerge victorious, earning generous rewards like Renown, Gil, and the rare crafting material Scarletite. Utilizing Scarletite, they can create powerful armor and weapons to aid them on their adventurous journey through the fantastical world of Final Fantasy 16.


  1. What is a Notorious Mark in Final Fantasy 16? A Notorious Mark is a side quest that tasks players with hunting down powerful enemies in exchange for valuable rewards.

  2. Where can I find Fastitocalon in Final Fantasy 16? Fastitocalon can be located in the Velkroy Desert, Dhalmekia, in the northeastern part of The Velkroy Desert.

  3. How do I defeat Fastitocalon? To defeat Fastitocalon, players should be prepared to dodge its attacks, including bubbles and water vortexes, while dealing damage strategically.

  4. What rewards do I get for defeating Fastitocalon? Defeating Fastitocalon grants players 20 Renown, 10,000 Gil, and the rare crafting material Scarletite.

  5. What can I craft with Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16? Scarletite can be used to craft the Drakeslayer's Belt, Drakeslayer's Bracelets, and the powerful Excalibur weapon.


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