Where To Find the Customization Mirror in Fae Farm

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Where To Find the Customization Mirror in Fae Farm

Welcome to Azoria, a realm of enchanting landscapes and magical adventures that invite you to embark on a journey of self-expression. Amidst the mysteries of this fantastical world, the Customization Mirror emerges as your key to unlocking boundless possibilities for tweaking your character's appearance.

Finding the Scroll

Your quest for customization begins with a hunt for the elusive recipe hidden in plain sight across Azoria. These valuable recipes, disguised as orange and green scrolls, are scattered throughout the island. To unearth them, venture forth and, upon encountering one, use the 'Inspect' command to add it to your collection. Your sought-after scroll awaits just outside your dwelling, to the left, adjacent to a cozy campfire area adorned with a hammock.

Building the Customization Mirror

Armed with the recipe, the next step in your journey is to gather the necessary materials for crafting the Customization Mirror. Fear not, for the process is straightforward. You'll need Glass and five Oak Logs to bring this remarkable mirror to life.

To obtain Glass:

  • Reach Chapter 3 of the Main Quests.
  • Access the Stone Forge through quest progression.
  • Collect sand from the beach.
  • Collect coal from the mines.

To acquire Oak Logs:

  • Acquire a Copper Axe.
  • Chop the larger trees and logs on your farm.

As you progress through the main quests and gain access to the Saltwater Mines in Chapter 3, you'll seamlessly gather all required materials for your Customization Mirror.

Crafting Your Customization Mirror

With the recipe and materials in hand, embark on the final leg of your journey – crafting your Customization Mirror. Open the Build Catalog, navigate to the Decor tab, and select the Customization Mirror. Choose the perfect location for its placement, and witness its magnificent materialization before your eyes.

Changing Your Character's Look

Now that your Customization Mirror graces your virtual abode, the power to metamorphose your character's appearance lies in your hands. This enchanting mirror opens the same customization menu that greeted you at the beginning of your Azorian adventure. Modify your character's hair, attire, and more. Unleash your creativity and mold your character into a truly unique avatar within the captivating world of Azoria.


In Azoria, personalizing your character's appearance is a significant aspect of your gaming experience. The Customization Mirror empowers you to modify your character's look whenever you desire. Explore the island, gather the necessary materials, and craft your mirror to unlock a world of possibilities for your character's appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Customization Mirror available from the beginning of the game?

No, you need to progress through the main quests and reach Chapter 3 to access the necessary resources.

  • Can I change my character's appearance multiple times?

Yes, the Customization Mirror allows you to modify your character's look as often as you like.

  • Are there other ways to obtain the required materials for the mirror?

The outlined steps are the most efficient, but creative players may discover alternative methods.

  • What happens if I miss the location of the scroll outside my dwelling?

Scrolls are scattered across the island; explore thoroughly to find another.

  • Does the Customization Mirror have any in-game cost?

No, once crafted, the mirror is yours to use without additional in-game currency.

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